Young Architects, Planners, Urbanists in the Commonwealth ... We want to hear from you!

13 February 2018


With the impending Commonwealth Summit taking place in the UK in April 2018, the Young Planners and Architects of the Commonwealth Association of Planners (CAP, RTPI) and Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA, RIBA) would like to invite your responses on our joint theme:

'How can young people within the Commonwealth help to deliver Sustainable Development Goal 11, to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable?'

We will discuss all contributions at an international webinar in March, date to be announced. Your responses will contribute to a joint manifesto on the future of urbanism in the Commonwealth to be launched during CHOGM 2018. We will present our manifesto to the Youth Forum, representing the views of Young People in the Commonwealth.

We welcome responses from every country in the Commonwealth, click here for full details on how to get involved.

We are currently pressing on with works and have already received responses from 5 countries. With the help of all our participants, our aim is that the manifesto produced at the end of this initiative would be as widely informed as possible. While our initiative and the resulting manifesto closely align with the Youth Forum's thematic priority item of Sustainable Future, we also seek to deal with cross cutting issues in relation to attaining a Fairer and Prosperous Future. 

We would like to present the manifesto to the Youth Forum and will also be launching it on the websites of all our participating organisations, as well as, their social media platforms, in order to inform the debate and create awareness. Further to this, we are happy to organise an event ahead of the Youth Forum to launch the manifesto. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you in regards to launching the manifesto at the Youth Forum of CHOGM or collaborating on the above


NOTE:  Submission deadline has been extended to 15th March.

Viral Desai MRTPI
CAP YP Co-ordinator