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CAP President and Board

202to 2025

CAP President

The President is the figurehead and Chief Executive of the Association, representing CAP around the world. Our current President, Eleanor Mohammed, has served since late 2020 and is not putting herself forward to stand again. Eleanor has been a committed and dynamic President, and CAP has made enormous strides under her leadership. We are immensely grateful for her service and wish her well in her new adventures. 

We therefore need to identify candidates for this important, leadership role. If you know anyone who would make a great President of CAP, please encourage them to nominate themselves - and ask your Member Organisation to support the nomination.

CAP Board 

With the new CAP Constitution in place, it is time to act to fill the places on the Board for 2024 and 2025!

There are 7 places open for the new role of Board Trustee. This is a critically important role in supporting the President and the Secretary-General in leading and managing the Association. Board Trustees may also be called on from time to time to stand in for the President and Secretary-General in representing CAP in international events.

Board Trustees will serve CAP, rather than representing their national Member Organisation. Even so, it is important that we have a diversity of people and backgrounds on the Board to give as wide a range of experience and knowledge as possible in our leadership roles.  

Are you interested in standing - or do you know someone who would make a great contribution to CAP's leadership? If so, please nominate!

Nomination forms

Click on the hyperlinks to access the forms for making the nominations for both President and Board Trustees.


Nomination process and deadlines

More information on the nomination process and requirements can be found in this Briefing Note. Completed Nomination forms must be returned by 25 September 2023 so that voting can take place in October prior to the General Assembly meeting.


Elections to the posts of CAP President and Board Trustees will be finalised at the CAP General Assembly meeting in Malaysia on 8 – 10 November 2023.

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