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The Commonwealth Women in Planning (CWIP) Network focuses on gender equality and the participation of women in shaping the built environment. With this goal in mind, CWIP members are exchanging knowledge, expertise, and experience on the role of women in the planning profession and the impact of planning and design on women’s safety, prosperity, and empowerment.



To ensure all self-identified women and girls have the social, economic and political power to shape our shared built environment.

Goals and Objectives


The Commonwealth Women in Planning Network  supports CAP in its mission to advance the worldwide promotion of planning as a fundamental part of governance for sustainable human settlement. CWIP is dedicated to providing a gender-based lens through which we can examine the built environment, advance the Sustainable Development Goals, and support women in the Planning profession.


CWIP's manifesto proclaims the potential of planning and design to advance gender equality to achieve global economic, social, environmental and cultural objectives in cooperation with CAP member organizations.

The Commonwealth Women in Planning Network aims to:

  • Advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (in particular Goal 5: Gender Equality, Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, and Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals) through planning practice and research.

  • Advance partnerships with CAP member organizations, UN Women, Women in Cities International, Women Transforming Cities, and others to enhance our collaborative thinking.

  • Provide a collaborative platform to support Women in Planning and other emerging professionals working in the built environment.

  • Promote relevant publications written by CWIP members (including blog entries, journal articles, student research, white papers, and books) to advance information-sharing and collaboration between international planning professionals.
    Develop a toolkit for professional planners to assist them in applying a gender lens to planning projects and research around the globe.

Jenna Dutton and Heather Pinnock are now leading the CWIP network. 

Want to join? CAP member organizations are invited to join our CWIP network. For more information, contact Jenna Dutton at


READ: Engender: City Planning and the Development of the Commonwealth Women in Planning Manifesto

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