Habitat 3 was a considerable new shift in the positive attitude towards sustainability. We need to build on the New Urban Agenda and it is up to the CAP Young Planner (YP) chapter to keep the momentum going, bring new ideas, shape new practice and deliver the goals of that agenda. Over the next two years we would like more people need to be involved in CAP YP to shape that agenda and develop a more highly sustainable built environment.


Goals of CAP Young Planners


The goals of the group follow the strong values set by the CAP itself and building on their work, but also having a group of Young Planners who can also share, build and bring fresh ideas:

  • developing the skills and knowledge of Town Planners across the Commonwealth;

  • promote co-operation and a point of contact between member organisations and Young Planners in the Commonwealth;

  • ensure the Young Planners contribute to the well-being of society and the creation of more sustainable settlements and adequate shelter for all

  • aim to share professional, educational, research and technical information in planning and related fields and the dissemination of good practice between Young Planners across the Commonwealth;

  • encourage liaison or collaboration with relevant national, Commonwealth and international governmental and non-governmental organisations, including Young Planner chapters across the Commonwealth within Town Planning and other professions;

  • Support other Commonwealth countries to join the CAP;

  • Support research and funding into Town and Country Planning across the Commonwealth; and

  • promote collaboration between planners other professionals within the built environment to deliver sustainable development across the commonwealth


Get Involved in CAP YP’s Social Media Network


Over the last two year the Young Planners network progressed effectively and successfully. The social media campaign was officially re-launched on the 1st November 2014, after having no active network in place in the preceding years. The goal was to build a global social media network, where ideas could be shared and practice be disseminated.

If you want to join CAP YP and shape the future of the network please follow and become actively involved in the social media networks and help to continue to build a network were the ideas, practice and new skills are shared between Young Planners. In the world of a New Urban Agenda, it is more important than ever to see what other Town Planners and Built Environment Professionals are doing to combat unsustainable development, combat climate change and ensure that we learn from our mistakes and develop a truly sustainable Commonwealth.

  • CAP Twitter -To follow the CAP Young Planners Network please add @CAPYoungPlan, please encourage your colleagues to follow and share practice and ideas.

  • Facebook - The Facebook page and Facebook Group has 450 members and is the most active in terms of posting and sharing ideas.  This is by far our most active group with ideas, events and information shared by a variety of members across the Commonwealth. This is mainly sharing articles from the UN to other local planning issues, which illustrates the breadth of knowledge and practice that can be shared.

    Discussion topics will also be posted here, which will allow more freely the expression of the views of the CAP YP, hopefully allowing the sharing of ideas, knowledge and practice within Town and Regional Planning. Please encourage people to follow, but also to be active participants and to connect further with the Young Planners of CAP at:


  • Blog - The blog is where we want CAP YPs to post articles, papers and ideas from different areas of the Commonwealth.

    We want this to be a place where the spatial elements of daily work is manifested in supporting the Goals of CAP YP. I would hope each chapter of the CAP will bring a focus to the blog every month, aiming to focus on each country and its system. Feel free to send me anything you think is relevant and I will post on the page and continue to share practice and Ideas.

  • LinkedIn - A new addition to the suite of social media was launched at the Business Meeting in Fiji in November 2016. This is a more professionally orientated Social Media outlet to ensure that this group fulfils its goals of bringing Young Planners from across the Commonwealth together and sharing practice and ideas across the globe. Please join, invite others and continue to share ideas and practice to make this network effective.

  • Webinar - Don’t forget to look out for our CAP YP Webinars. We are hoping to have a few in 2017 after the great successes in 2016:

  • Get Active - This network is yours, therefore all ideas and activities are welcomed. Please be active, organise events across the Commonwealth, the network can only continue to expand if increasingly Young Planners get involved and can only work if we produce content and activity to help create a sustainable built environment. Contact me with any ideas large or small- or just post them on our various social media network outlets.


Key Themes


Over the next two years there are number of themes CAP YPs would like to focus upon:

  • Climate Change and Renewable Energy

  • New Urban Agenda and Sustainability Goals Implementation

  • Focus on disaster management and the global alliance

  • Ensuring that Young People are Involved in the Planning System

  • Planning Education

  • Impact of Planning on Young People

  • Get young people to join the profession

  • Provide advice and support to new young planners coming to the profession

  • Ensure that sustainability benefits all in society, including young people.

I would encourage other members to continue to be involved and share the agenda of CAP YP with their own ideas and bring up issues and produce solutions to not only the issues above but all issues that impact urbanisation and sustainability.


Future of CAP YP


The last two years have been successful in establishing the CAP Young Planners network and we need to build on this momentum to make CAP YP more prominent in the urban agenda across the Commonwealth. Over the next two years there are a number of key activities and themes that will need to happen to reinforce the network and ensure that it doesn’t fall away like it has done in the past and we need to build on a very successful last 2 years for the network:

  • Continue to build a critical mass of people to be involved in the Young Planners Network.

  • Build more active participation from the wider group of people in the membership, to provide more content and vibrancy to the network.

  • Ensure that promotion of the Young Planners Network with members and new members continues over the two-year period.

  • Consistent social media updates to ensure that interest in the group continues and discussion occurs.

  • New content for the blog, whilst ensuring that it becomes a more prominent part of the social media outlet.

  • Promote the new CAP Young Planners Network on Linkedin.

  • Webinars with prominent academics and professionals to provoke interest in sharing ideas.

  • Shape the New Urban Agenda and build on the goals of Habitat 3.

  • Develop a piece of research to support young people in planning, this should be led by the YP chapter.

  • Produce tools to encourage young people to join the profession.

  • Promote the profession to the wider built environment.

  • Ensure that People Centred planning becomes a core ideology of town planners within CAP YPs.

  • Fight for the right of Young People to be involved in the Planning Process.

  • Ensure that we develop on the New Urban Agenda and Habitat 3 to shape the organisation but also implement the ideas to develop a more sustainable Commonwealth for all, but especially the Youth of the Commonwealth.

If there are any specific issues you would like to raise, any articles and papers you have written about Planning in your country or work, or you would just like to get more involved in setting up the network, email me at
I look forward to hearing from you and sharing any ideas you have.


Viral Desai MRTPI

CAP YP Co-ordinator


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