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The CAP Blog offers insight and examination of issues relevant to planning in the Commonwealth.

CAP Elections 2023

25 October 2023 (Updated 14 November 2023)

By Kathryn Austin

Planning, Sustainable Urbanisation, and The Commonwealth: Read the Book on CAP's Achievements and Why It Matters

09 June 2023

By Cliff Hague

Equal Access to Digital Technology Crucial for Gender Equality

07 March 2023

By Jenna Dutton, Frances Ifeoma Ukonze, and Alka Bharat

What Does Securing Consultative Status for UN Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC) Mean for CAP, Planning, and Planners?

05 October 2022

By Trudi Elliot, CBE MRTPI Patron CAP

How Planners Contributed to the Birmingham Commonwealth Games

05 October 2022

By Becky Farr, Birmingham City Council

Towards Planetary Health - Revisiting the Social Determinants of Health Model

June 2021

By Neil Blackshaw

CAP Awards and Young Planners Essay Competition

28 July 2020

By Trudi Elliot CBE, CAP Patron

The Impact of Coronavirus on a Small Island Developing State - Fiji

29 June 2020

By Karin Taylor

Women and Planning During COVID-19

5 June 2020

By Jenna Dutton, Member of the CAP Women in Planning Network

Business as Un-Usual: Revisiting Planning Processes in the Wake of COVID-19

4 June 2020

By Kristin Agnello, RPP, MCIP

Planning in the UK with COVID-19

20 April, 2020

By Ian Tant, CAP Vice-President

When Planners Design, We All Win

16 July, 2019

By Kristin Agnello, CAP Women in Planning Coordinator and CAP Vice-President, Canadian Institute of Planners

Engender: Developing a Commonwealth Women in Planning Manifesto

15 March, 2019

By Kristin Agnello, RPP, MCIP, Director, Plassurban

Commonwealth Association of Planners Celebrates Planning Success

18 December 2018

By Peter Geraghty, Head of Planning and Transport at Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, FRTPI

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