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2021 CAP Awards Shortlist

06 October 2021


The following award entries have been shortlisted for an award. They appear in random order. The winners will be announced on 8th November 2021 at the City Expo Malaysia.

Congratulations to all those shortlisted!

A.  Planning for the climate emergency

  • Project:  Sistem Pemantauan Operasi Pam (SPOP) project
    Location:  Malaysia
    Organisations: Melaka Historic City Council

B.  Planning for cities and human settlements / plan making in the Commonwealth

  • Project: Planning for Residential Amenity, 
    Location: Wellington New Zealand
    Organisations: Boffa Miskell, Wellington City Council, Novak + Middleton

  • Project: Calgary’s Greater Downtown Plan: Roadmap to Reinvention
    Location: Calgary Canada 
    Organisations: City of Calgary

  • Project:  Klang Municipal Council Low Carbon City Action plan 2017-2027 
    Location: Selangor, Malaysia 
    Organisations: Klang Municipal Council

  • Project: Skudai River rejuvenation plan 
    Location: Sungai Skudai, Iskandar Puteri, Johor, Malaysia
    Organisations: Iskandar Puteri City Council(MBIP) Surrounding Community ,University of Technology Malaysia

C.  Planning for equitable and inclusive cities and human settlements

  • Project: Community Based Eco-Tourism Planning 
    Location: Pantai Cunang, Selangor, Malaysia: 
    Organisations: (PLANMalaysia (Federal Department of Town & Country Planning Peninsula Malaysia), Putrajaya, Kuala Langat Municipal Council, Committee of Pantai Cunang (Cunang Beach) Indigenous Community registered under the Department of Orang Asli (Indigenous People) Development Malaysia).

  • Project: Precint 9 Putrajaya Community Stingless Bee Farm and Urban Farming 
    Location: Putrajaya Malaysia 
    Organisations: Perbadanan

  • Project: Te Whaihanga, 
    Location: New Zealand 
    Organisations: Ako Aotearoa, Auckland Council, Te Hana Te Ao Marama

D.  Planning in response to natural or technological disasters

  • Project: Community farming project at Kinari Low Cost Flat 
    Location: Malaysia 
    Organisations: Iskandar Puteri City Council (MBIP), University of Technology Malaysia (UTM) and Kenari Management Corporation

  • Project: Application of Living with Flood Concept on Affordable Housing Scheme
    Location: Kampung Tiram, District of Kuantan, Pahang,Malaysia 
    Organisations: Eastern Zone Project Office, PLANMalaysia (Department Of Town and Country Planning) and  Kuantan City Hall

  • Project: Coastal Vulnerability Index (CVI): A Tool for Natural Coastal Disaster Risk Management (DRM) in 
    Location: Peninsular Malaysia,Malaysia
    Organisation: Regional Planning Division, PLANMalaysia

E.  Planning for the conservation of the built and natural environment and cultural heritage

  • Project: Urban Eels: Our Sustainable City 
    Location: Palmerston North New Zealand 
    Organisations: Gordon consulting,Tanenuiarangi Manawatū Incorporated

  • Project: Rebranding and Conservation of Taiping City, Perak, Malaysia as a Heritage City Through Provision of Special Area Plan.
    Location: Taiping City, Perak, Malaysia
    Organisations: PLANMalaysia , Taiping Municipal Council

F.  Commonwealth Young Planner of the Year Shortlist

  • Mohammed Maaz Ali – India

  • Young Elias Young Daud – Malaysia

  • Samson Olanrewaju – Nigeria

  • Tania Munasinghe – Sri Lanka

  • Ezekiel Ufuoma – Nigeria

  • Safwan Shaari – Malaysia

  • Fauziah Abd Jalil – Malaysia

Full Detail Here

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