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Call to Action on Sustainable Cities

05 February 2021

On 2nd February 2021, CAP joined partner associations in launching a Call to Action on sustainable urbanisation across the Commonwealth.

The Call to Action has been produced jointly by:CAP, the Association of Commonwealth Universities, the Commonwealth Architects Association and the Commonwealth Local Government Forum, working in association with the Princes Foundation.

The release follows a programme of online events focused on sustainable urbanisation in the Commonwealth, which attracted over 2,000 individual participants from over 80 countries from June to September 2020.  This replaced in-person debate at the postponed Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) due to have been held in June 2020.

The aim remains to seek the support of all Commonwealth Governments in the rearranged CHOGM, held in Rwanda in June 2022.

The Call to Action calls for:

  • A greater focus on enabling sustainable urbanisation in Commonwealth policy making

  • A Commonwealth dialogue to define and implement a new way of working across our respective networks towards multi-level governance and sustainable urbanisation

  • A commitment by member states to a new Commonwealth Initiative of practical action to support sustainable cities and human settlements across the Commonwealth to respond to the Call to Action and to play their full role in achieving the SDGs. This will be driven by Commonwealth cities and human settlements, and delivered by relevant Commonwealth partners and other governmental, professional and technical partners.

Visit the Commonwealth Sustainable Cities website for more, including a Good Practice Platform.

Speaking about the Call to Action, CAP President Eleanor Mohammed says:​

“Planners around the world work with communities and governments to create the cities of the future. Sustainable Urbanisation is critical if we are to achieve resilient, inclusive and productive cities and given that urban economies account for 80% of the global GDP, we need them to be successful. The CTA asks for the leaders of Commonwealth nations to ensure Sustainable Urbanisation is at the forefront of the recovery and future development agenda.”

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