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Commonwealth Association of Planners East Africa Planning Network Formed to Address Challenges Cities Face

05 October 2022

The establishment of the East Africa Planning Network in June of 2022 will further the planning of sustainable, resilient cities and human settlements in East Africa.

On June 23rd, 2022 a declaration to advance the planning profession in East Africa was signed in Kigali, Rwanda. The declaration establishes an East Africa Planning Network, an important step forward in recognising the essential contribution of planners to well-functioning and sustainable cities. It was signed by the Rwanda Urban Planning Institute, Uganda Institute of Physical Planners, Tanzania Institute of Town Planners, Kenya Institute of Planners, and Commonwealth Association of Planners.​

“With cities growing at a rapid rate across East Africa, there is an urgent need for shared knowledge, tools and skills among planners, so that cities and human settlements are inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable,” said Kelley Moore, Secretary General of the Commonwealth Association of Planners (CAP).

“The coming together of the East Africa Network is an important beginning,” said Hon. Grace Tubwita, President of the Uganda Institute of Planners. “Our keeping together shall bring progress and working together shall ensure successful sustainable urban development in East Africa.”​President of the Kenya Institute of Planners, Joakim Nyarangi, called the formation of the East Africa Network an idea whose time has come. “It brings with it the strength in Unity of Purpose to take required action to achieve sustainable urbanisation within our region and the larger Commonwealth.”​

The Rwanda Urban Planning Institute (RUPI),  President, Vivien Munyaburanga, said: “Together we can tackle the challenges of urbanisation and the sustainable development of human settlements in Africa.”

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