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Planning and Design for Urban Pandemic Resilience Webinar

04 June 2020

On 27th May, a major webinar took place debating planning and design for urban pandemic resilience, looking beyond the current crisis.  The Commonwealth Association of Planners was represented in the debate by Ian Tant, UK Vice President (and Immediate Past President of the Royal Town Planning Institute) spoke on behalf of CAP.

The event formed part of the Urban Thinkers Campus organised by the World Urban Campaign, part of UN HABITAT and was one of a series of webinars to help share learning and experience around the world.  In the debate, chaired by Christine Auclair of UN HABITAT and ‘attended’ by over 370 viewers, Ian spoke about the measures being taken by governments to address the virus and the implications for the future design of homes and cities, identifying the importance of a focus on climate action in responding to the health and economic consequences of the pandemic.

A report on the discussions can be found on the World Urban Campaign website (click hereand also on the UN Habitat website.

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