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Sustainable Urbanisation in the Commonwealth

07 July 2020

Are you interested in sustainable urbanisation in the Commonwealth Whether you are a planner, an architect, an engineer or a politician, the Commonwealth Sustainable Urbanisation Programme will have session that will interest you.

This series of events over 11 weeks sets out to:

  1. Build on the momentum which has already been developed in response to the need for sustainable urbanisation in the Commonwealth.

  2. Inform and strengthen a call to action on sustainable urbanisation in the Commonwealth through exchange of ideas and good practice.

  3. In the face of the aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic, to advocate for the centrality of SDG 11 in reviewing the targets and achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals.

  4. Promote inter-disciplinary, cross-sector collaboration and engagement to address the challenges and unlock the opportunities presented by sustainable urbanisation across the Commonwealth.

Details of all sessions including a series of related lectures by the Commonwealth Association of Architects are available at

Please share and join.

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