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World Town Planning Day 2019

8 November 2019

A World Town Planning Day 2019 message from the CAP President and Presidents of the Global Planners Network associations.

At its heart, planning is about equity: it serves to balance the competing demands and needs of all people and of the built and natural environment.

Planning seeks to act in the public interest to ensure fairness in the use of land and resources between those in need of housing, of jobs, of services and of infrastructure and those whose lives, property or outlooks might be harmed by such development.

And it serves to strike a fair balance in meeting the needs of the present generation with the future needs and quality of life of generations to come, applying the Sustainable Development Goals, adopted by world leaders at an historic UN summit in New York in 2015.

That is why planning is central to humankind’s efforts to address climate change and take decisive action to safeguard our land, homes, economies and natural habitats so that future generations might share the benefits that present generations enjoy ...

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