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Planning Institute of AUSTRALIA 

Darren Crombie, President

BANGLADESH Institute of Planners

Fazle Reza Sumon

BARBADOS Town and Country Planning Society

William Bain, Secretary

BELIZE Association of Planners

Carolyn Trench-Sandiford, President

Pula Institute of Town Planners (BOTSWANA) 

Nnyaladzi Tema, President

BRUNEI DARUSSALAM Department of Town
& Country Planning

Phaedon Nicolaou

CANADIAN Institute of Planners

Jihad Bitar

CYPRUS Association of Town Planners 

Yiannos Papadopoulos, President

Planner’s Association of DOMINICA

Annie Edwards, President

FIJI Planners Association

Mere Naulumatua, President

GHANA Institute of Town Planners

Frank Tackie

Institute of Town Planners INDIA

Prof Meshram, Secretary General

JAMAICAN Institute of Planners

Earl Bailey

KENYA Institute of Planners

Joakim Nyarangi

MALAYSIAN Institute of Planners 

Noraida Saludin, President

MALAWI Institute of Planners

Dereck Mamiwa, President

MALTA Chamber of Planners

Bjorn Bonello

NAMIBIA Council of Town & Regional Planners

Kristy Asino

NEW ZEALAND Planning Institute

Bryce Julyan

NIGERIAN Institute of Town Planners

Nathaniel M. Atebije, President


Royal Town Planning Institute

Ian Tant

RWANDA Urban Planners Institute

Vivien Munyaburanga, President

SAINT LUCIA Institute of Land Use Planners

Jenny Daniel 

SINGAPORE Institute of Planners

Karen Tham,  Hon. Secretary

SOUTH AFRICAN Planning Institute

Peter Gilmore, Chairman: KZN Region

Institute of Town Planners SRI LANKA

Indu Weerasoori, Past President

TANZANIA Institute of Planners 

Clemence Mero

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO Society of Planners

Stephen Boodhram, Immediate Past President

UGANDA Institute of Planners

Hon Grace Tubwita, President

ZAMBIA Institute of Planners

Charity Kalombo, Vice-President


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