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What are the key issues, barriers and solutions in engaging young people in the development process? - Call for Examples and Best Practice

12 November 2018

At the CAP Business Meeting and Planning Africa Conference in Cape Town South Africa CAP Young Planners launched a new Call for Practice and Examples. We would like to hear your examples and practice about how you have engaged Young People in the Development Process. What have you done in your city? What ideas have been effective? This builds on the principles in the CAP Youth Manifesto created in April 2018:

  • We believe, the Commonwealth member states should actively engage Young People in the creation of their future cities

  • Young people should be provided with the resources, and guidance required to set up and grow cross-sector networking organisations across the Commonwealth to collectively strengthen their own voice.

  • Promotion of exchange of ideas across nation states to build one another’s capacity and address economic, social and environmental challenges.

Do you have an effective tool that others can use and learn from? The objective of this toolkit is:

  • For more young people to understand the key issues around urbanization and be involved in the development process

  • For all Planners/Planning Practitioners/Built Environment Professions to shape Young Peoples involvement in the development process.

  • Raise the profile of SDG 11 with Young People

  • Give professionals the tools,  advice and guidance to help young people to be involved throughout the development process

Please send your short essays to  by the 14th December 2018

Download Call for Examples and Best Practice

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